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Making aviation dreams come true!

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Making aviation dreams come true!

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Welcome to Chapter 245

We are a group of aircraft builders, owners, and enthusiasts with a hangar, lounge and workshop facility located at the Carp Airport on the west end of the city of Ottawa Ontario.  Our winter meetings are held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum at 7:30PM every third Thursday of the month between September and April (Inclusive) with the exception of December.  Summer meetings are held at the Chapter Hangar on the third Saturday of the month at 10 AM, excluding July.

What We Offer

  • Regular Sunday get-togethers at the chapter lounge with volunteers busy pulling rivets in our Zenith CruZer  kit project in our workshop
  • Chapter meetings featuring films and guest speakers
  • Maintenance seminars and building tips
  • Technical information
  • A tool crib
  • "Carb Heat" - our newsletter
  • An opportunity to meet people with similar interests
  • The best value for aircraft tie down spots in Ottawa!

Latest Articles

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zenith wings
September 24th, 2018

Last Airventure at Oshkosh Zenair built 5 wings to give to EAA chapters across North America. Ameet Nidmarty instigated our chapter to get involved in building a set of the wings.

Carp Fair Fly In
September 21st, 2018
There will be lots of amateur built and certified airplanes to see and building demonstrations (including the Chapter’s Zenith 750 project). Some Young Eagle flights may be available.  Additionally, the Carp Fair will be in full swing just down the road.
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