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Build a Paper Aeroplane

Paper Airplanes


Paper Airplane modeling can be an interesting and inexpensive hobby. You only need simple materials such as recycled papers, unused cardboards or files and stationeries to get started.

We have a number of paper model airplanes that you can download for free. They ranged from historic WWI to WWII to the modern fighter aircraft models. These paper airplanes design templates were created by Mr C. Gordan Huisman from Canada. They were designed specifically for beginners.

These paper airplane models templates are suitable for schools to use as handicraft activities or school project presentation.

On top of that, you can also learn how to fold paper airplanes by watching the videos I have created.

Green modelling idea : We like to encourage the use of recycled paper, cardboard or unused hard paper files. All the samples you see here were made using recycled files materials and papers.

- From http://www.paper-model-airplane.com/